HelpCloud 2022 Year in Review

Another year and most of us can hardly believe that it is past! We are very grateful to all our coworkers and customers, without whom this company would not be here. We hope 2023 takes our services to new heights, providing new and improved tech support for our customers and benefits to all HelpCloud employees. 

What is HelpCloud’s Mission?

To provide everyone with a resolution to their tech issue. Be it through HelpCloud Search or through our supplemental support services (HelpCloud Tech Support membership or HelpCloud Technician by-the-hour).

If you’re wondering what HelpCloud is and what we do, learn more in this video.

HelpCloud Launches Business-to-Business IT Services

Our greatest accomplishments this year was launching our Managed IT Services for small-medium sized businesses. Helpcloud wants to be a local partner to help manage the constant care and upkeep for the tech side of a business. We aim to provide with smooth, simple, and steady IT for a business because smooth IT means a fast business.

Our managed services include: 

  • IT Help Desk Services
  • IT systems and support
  • IT security and compliance
  • Services automation:
  • On-site services:
  • Remote tech support: instant support for any device
  • IT and digital strategy consulting

Software we can manage and provide

  • Remote management software
  • Online data backup with IDrive
  • Antivirus and firewall with Webroot

With launching this service, we made a big push to certify our technicians. All tickets with our MSP services will be handled by CompTia A+ Certified technicians. We are proud of those technicians that dedicated their time to improving their know-how and skills. 

HelpCloud Celebrates Ten Years of Service

10 years since HelpCloud (formerly MyFastPC) was founded. 10 years of ups and downs, successes and failures. Some employees have met their partners here, and an unusual amount of couples work here. We’re a familial unit, as close as one can be for a company our size. That means family drama, but also means celebrating successes with people you love and care about.

We’ve moved 7 times during the company’s lifespan. That’s a ridiculous amount (for those that know how hard it is to break down and set up an office). And every time, it’s been us, the employees, that have done ALL the work. It was difficult every time but I’m constantly impressed with the extra efforts from those that work here. Going above and beyond in order to push the company forward. It speaks volumes to our company culture.

We’ve survived poor decisions, that’s part of life. But we have also pushed our industry in the right and ethical direction. Joining the Tech Care Association was part of that. We strive to be the model “remote tech support” company. To prove its legitimacy as a service in this world. A grueling pandemic has helped illustrate how we can help people with any at-home tech issue from the comfort of their own home.

We’ve experienced loss. Loss of coworkers, loss of coworkers’ family, loss through failed business relationships. But through that we’ve gained strength. Strength through unity with those that continue to fortify and support this company, strength through processing as a group the death of a fellow coworker, and strength through allowing anyone at HelpCloud the space and time they need in order to bring balance and health to their life.

Here’s to our first ten years! Here’s to the next ten years! Here’s to those that made it happen, my fellow coworkers and all the customers that chose our services. Here’s to HelpCloud!

How Much Did We Help Our Customers in 2022?

26,559 Support Cases in 2022

We created and resolved over 26,000 cases in 2022. These cases are issues that we can resolve via remote tech support via a computer or laptop, or via our mobile support services. We can connect with most devices to control and fix an issue. When it’s a hardware issue (especially printer and scanner issues) we connect with the LogMeIn RescueLens app. This allows us to view the customer issue through their smartphone camera. It’s been monumental in shifting how we help our customers with their at-home tech issues. As always, we’ll continue to optimize all the wizardry of our technicians when resolving issues via a remote connection on a laptop, PC, etc.

171,784 Phone Calls Answered in 2022 by our Support Team

Not every tech resolution is technically logged by us as a "case". A lot of our customer issues are resolved on a phone call with us. Often on these phone calls we’ll still connect with a customer’s device and help resolve an issue. If the issue is too technical for our Customer Service Representative then we create a case and let one of our trained technicians resolve the issue.

Other Highlights of 2022

There are too many things and coworkers to properly highlight this year. Check out our social media to see our Employees of the Month, Quarter, and Year. Plus Pets of HelpCloud always brings a smile to our face. This year we'd also like to highlight:

  • Our return to mostly in office work
  • We had over 3,300 new members sign up this year
  • Brandon Orme was promoted to Service Manager (he's a stud!)
  • We continued office clean up and updates

We wish you all the best in 2023! If you're a HelpCloud member, look forward to your continued (and improved!) services. We're here for you 24/7 for any at-home tech issue. 

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