HelpCloud Team

Who We Are

Our office in Utah is full of friendly people who care
about you and each other.

We promise to never offshore our services and will
remain USA based, locally owned and operated.

Ryan Grover

CEO and Owner

Ryan is the CEO, founder and owner of HelpCloud (formerly MyFastPC). Ryan’s main philosophy as a CEO is to, “Empower greatness in others by creating direction, removing obstacles, and holding people accountable.”

He is passionate about living a full life and in his free time enjoys running, cycling, swimming, surfing, reading and, most of all, enjoys his time with his son.


Broc Starr

Director of Operations

Broc started at HelpCloud in September of 2014. He is one of our longest tenured employees.

Broc has an AS business degree and is continuing to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Finance and hopes to complete his MBA.

He enjoys golf, music (bass, guitar, drums, and recording his music), movies. But the most important thing to him is his adorable Boston Terrier, Ahsoka.

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Hamish Sharik

Director of Technology

Hamish is the longest tenured employee at HelpCloud. He began at HelpCloud very shortly after its founding and was Ryan’s first outside hire.

His presence has been crucial in HelpCloud’s success.

He enjoys tabletop roleplaying games, video games, learning about space, rocketry, astrophysics and, most importantly, spending any time with literally any dog that he can.

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Aaron Mark

In-House YouTuber

Aaron is HelpCloud’s in-house YouTuber. He began at HelpCloud as a technician in 2014 and began creating tech tip videos for HelpCloud in April of 2016.

His IT/networking skills have also helped keep HelpCloud running.

In his free time he enjoys 3D printing, N scale model trains, photography (via drones), shooting, camping, computers and video games.

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Heather Mark

Quality and Data Integrity Specialist

Heather began at HelpCloud in 2017. She has held multiple vital positions at HelpCloud and her quality assurance work is crucial in helping HelpCloud run smoothly and honestly.

In her free time Heather enjoys reading, camping, traveling, yoga, shopping, and spending time with her family. Her son has been an office regular and we enjoy the illustrations that he has gifted us.

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Brandon Orme

Service Manager

Brandon began at HelpCloud in 2015 and has long been our reliable Technician Manager.

Brandon holds an associate’s degree and is earning his bachelor’s in Aviation Science. He will become a professional pilot.

Hobbies include enjoying movies both at home in his custom built (by him) theater and at movie theaters. He also enjoys Bonsai and time with his family.

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Colleen Staheli

Comptroller and HR

Colleen joined HelpCloud as a Comptroller in June 2017. She has an associate’s degree in accounting and has been working in said industry for over 30 years.

She enjoys traveling, exploring, hiking, camping, and riding ATVs. Her favorite pastime is enjoying time with her family, especially when her son is playing baseball.

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Work with us

Work With Us

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Employee Recognition

We celebrate monthly and yearly wins

Employee of the Month, Quarter and Year are chosen for their
dedication and work ethic.

Employee of the Year

Craig Baillie was our 2022 recipient. Read more about Craig in this write-up.

Company Culture

Culture Fridays

Every Friday we have a theme and often that includes flair and an outfit. The Orme’s know flair.

Halloween Bowling Party

Amazing costumes at our yearly Halloween bowling party. An event that never disappoints.

Summer Field Day

Our yearly Summer Field Day included a dunk tank in 2021 and the event is always a good break for our hard working staff. It’s a blast!

Summer Field Day

Broc thought because he played baseball that he’d be an ace at the dunk tank. He was not wrong.


Tyler and Aaron are our in-house mega Jazz fans. Tyler no longer works here but his positive impact lingers.

Summer Field Day

Erik getting dunked on. Need we say more?


One of our favorite company activities is electric go-karts. The competitive spirit is high at this event.

Work with us

Work With Us

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